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In 2011 Mr. Resto received the Aviation Supplier’s Association annual Edward Glueckler Award (AKA the “Eddy”), which is a Life-Time Achievement recognition. Here is the link to the press release: 

Press Release

From Linked-In:
Troy Palmer
President and CEO, GlobalParts.aero”Roy was invaluable in our efforts to start our FAA Part 145 Repair Station, and help us to achieve our FAA Air Agency Certificate in a very timely manner. Roy is an outstanding aviation professional who effectively blends his great abilities as a trainer & communicator, with his technical knowledge as an FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) and skills as a project manager. Roy provided tremendous leadership and knowledge transfer to our team as we worked to develop and implement the Quality Management System for our Repair Station. From the very beginning of the project Roy worked extremely well with the local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and started our company down the right path to a very good working relationship with the FAA. I would highly recommend Roy to any company needing assistance with process improvements and/or aviation related projects and initiatives.”
From Linked-In:Bill Morales
CEO, Founder, Owner, Tracer Repair and Overhaul, Inc.“Roy is a forward thinking technically proficient and tactically minded individual when faced with the day to day struggles of growing a business. Roy was an integral part of my team and was easily the “smartest” guy in the room regardless of the venue. His approach is tactful, pleasent and he always delivers on time with outstanding results. I think the world of Roy Resto!”
From Linked-In:Andy Plyler
President and CEO, Galaxy Technologies
“I have extremely enjoyed working with Roy over the last ten years. His attention to detail, organizational skills and industry insights are some of the best in our industry; A true leader and skillful manager of people, processes and outcomes. Solid results, strong performer at all times.”
From Linked-In:Robert Harper
Quality Assurance Manager – American Airlines“I have worked with Roy Resto for over 20 years in the aviation industry and highly recommend him as a business partner to anyone who may require his expertise. As an industry professional, Roy’s in-depth knowledge of FAA and aerospace industry requirements is unparalleled by many. As an individual, he maintains the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and trust. This combination has enabled Roy to succeed throughout the years that I have had the pleasure of working with him.”
From Linked-In:Kevin McDermott
Vice President/Partner at Patriot Taxiway Industries
“Mr. Resto is a true aerospace professional. At Patriot Taxiway Industries he has consulted with us on AS9100 systems, the MRO process and helped us improve our company processes. His knowledge of and commitment to the aviation quality assurance principles shows in the services he provides. Mr. Resto has ability to educate, implement and audit companies and individuals on the FAA regulations, aerospace supplier process principles and the continuous improvement cycle. All work provided by Mr. Resto work is timely and accurate. Mr. Resto’s services are of great value to our company.I recommend Mr. Resto and his talents to any company looking to learn and grow in the pursuit of perfection.”
From Linked-In:Heather Issvoran,
Director, Strategic Communications at Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Contractor, VRC Inc.
“I have known Roy for 20 years. He has been a leader in every area of his profession and life. He has a natural ability to work with a team to achieve goals and is very thoughtful and disciplined in his approach to challenges. I was very impressed with the fact that he pursued higher education while serving his country in the reserves. I highly recommend him for any opportunity within his industry.”
From Linked-In:Mark Davis,
Director, Quality at S3 international, LLC
“I am not sure where to start with Roy, I have worked with Roy and also have hired Roy to train staff as well as use Roy as a consultant/expert on all things related to Aviation Quality.
You will not find in industry anyone that has the Integrity, attention to detail or the knowledge and expertise that Roy brings to the table. I recommend very few people but Roy is someone special. If you are looking for someone to train staff, write a manual, start up a 145 repair station or aftermarket business, trouble shoot processes and procedures, market analysis or anything else related to aviation, Roy is your go to guy.
I highly recommend Mr. Roy Resto. I hold Roy in high regard and value all the help and knowledge he has passed onto me over the years. Roy has been my mentor when it comes to aviation and quality”
From Linked-In:Thomas Jones
CHIEF INSPECTOR at MESSIER-BUGATTI-TRACER“I worked for Roy and was mentored by him for several years. He is the most professional and conscientious person I know in the aviation industry. He is well known and respected throughout the aviation community. His industry knowledge and integrity are commendable. The organization that is fortunate enough to employ Roy will find that they have gained an invaluable asset.”

From Linked-In:Seth Wahlberg,
Senior Account Manager at Division 10 Personnel / AeroStaff

“Roy is a driven professional bringing great energy and personality to any team focused environment. Additionally, Roy is able to leverage his technical expertise and relationship building skills to help capitalize on business opportunities. As Senior Program Manager at Aerostaff, Roy has been integral in developing business relationships with leaders in the Aerospace and Defense arena. Roy’s business development and interpersonal skills coupled with his industry expertise has allowed Aerostaff to capitalize on new opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.
Roy is truly an asset to the Aerostaff team.”

From Linked-In:Zachary Meulemans
Test Systems Engineering Intern at Astronautics Corporation of America (128th ARW Colleague)
“Roy leads by example. I find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Roy has worked hard to build authentic relationships with coworkers and will go the extra mile without even a thought. That’s just who he is. With these lasting relationships and years of experience, Roy has opened doors and helped me find employment in the aerospace industry. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.”
From Linked-In:Kenneth Kealey
Managing Partner at Carrabba’s Italian Grill (Former 128th ARW Colleague)“Roy is a true leader. His ability to motivate and succeed are a combination of talent found in few professionals today. His experience in the field of avionics as well as his willingness to mentor and assist fellow colleagues has made him an asset both professionally and personally. I would be proud to work side by side with Roy as well as honored to work for him in any business venture.”
Experienced Sales/Business Development/Asset Management“Roy is extremely knowledgable and resourceful. His network spans across the globe and is accompanied with a skill-set just as vast. It was a pleasure working with him and I enjoy continuing to do so as our paths meet. Roy carries with him a deep respect from his peers, constantly strives for the best and accomplishes the same with a genuine interest and curiosity for moving the aviation industry forward. He is a man of integrity, class and dedication.”
From Linked-In:Jarod Adams
Quality Manager at NewGenAerospace“Roy, quickly I just wanted to let you know that you have been a great mentor for me over the last 5 years. I’ve learned a lot, and because of that I’m more knowledgeable than many in the quality industry. I’ve always appreciated the time you’ve taken to help explain things to me so that I could have a true understanding. It’s been a great help through the years, and it’s invaluable.”
From Linked-In:Renee Kealey
Successful, Director, Educator, Speaker, Consultant and Mentor/Coach with a Servant-Leader Approach.“I had the absolute privilege of working with Roy for several years. Roy is one of the few colleagues I have worked with who demonstrates discipline in his commitment, values and practices rich communication, and adheres to a code of ethics that is honorable and unsurpassable. He is tireless in achieving excellence to projects and brings positive encouragement to stressful situations. Roy is an asset to any organization that he is affiliated or serves with.”