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My Qualifications and Experience

In 2011 Mr. Resto received the Aviation Supplier’s Association annual Edward Glueckler Award (AKA the “Eddy”), which is a Life-Time Achievement recognition. Here is the link to the press release: 

Press Release



• MBA in Finance from Oklahoma City University (OCU).
• Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University in Aviation Management (OSU)
• Associate in Applied Science from the Community College of the Air Force in Avionics Systems.
• US Air Force, Electronic Warfare Specialist
• Aviation High School, Long Island City, NY – Aircraft Maintenance.









FAA Airframe and Power Plant No 2740912
FAA DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) Number DART400153GL
FAA Pilot, ASEL, with Instrument Rating No 2740912
FCC General Radiotelephone with Radar endorsement No PG-10-17513
Held DoD Security Clearance
Member of the Suspected Unapproved Parts Steering Committee at the FAA in Washington DC (now disbanded)
Former Board of Directors member for the Aviation Suppliers Association (Elected 4 times)
Former Board of Directors member for Messier-Bugatti-Tracer









President and Owner. Providing the Aviation community with consulting solutions regarding Management, Quality, Training, Technical, and Temporary Staffing.





MESSIER-BUGATTI-TRACER (MBT) and formally TRACER CORP.: 2/00 to 2/2011
Vice President Technical Operations: Reporting to the CEO. MBT is part of the SAFRAN Group. The SAFRAN Group has over $10B in sales, 54,000 employees in over 30 Countries, and whose primary activities are in Aerospace, Defense, and Security. MBT/Tracer is a family of companies that includes FAA/EASA Repair Stations, and New and Aftermarket Distribution. Responsibilities include: Creation, review, and execution of MRO contracts, bids, proposals and financial evaluation of the same; Regulatory compliance and primary liaison with FAA, EASA, DCMA and the Accreditation Organization; Internal Quality oversight and Supplier oversight; Routine and active participation with the Executive Management team in executing the firm’s vision; consulting advisor to the CEO; FAA-DAR duties; Continuous Improvement Initiatives, Establishing the Annual Training Plan; Technical liaison with customers. Successes include:
Being awarded a support contract for the Air Force’s C-17
Being awarded MRO contracts with USAir feeder Air Wisconsin, Spirit Airlines, and FedEx
Awarded status as an Approved MRO Supplier for Boeing Commercial/Military
Achieved AS9110 and ISO 9001certification
Successful entry as a DoD supplier
Successful consignments
Successful Partnership established with Messier-Bugatti/Safran
Elected to the Board of Directors for the Aviation Suppliers Association in 2001
Elected to the Board Of Directors of Messier-Bugatti-Tracer in 2008

• Chief Operations Officer- Reporting to the President. QMSLP was a firm that primarily served the aviation maintenance community with Consulting, Auditing, and Training. Work included but was not limited to: Regulatory compliance assistance, Troubled/Distressed Certificate-holder interventions, Contracted Accreditation Auditing, and Quality Standard Gap Analysis. Clients include Airlines, Manufacturers, Repair Stations, Distributors, and the FAA. In addition to the aforementioned, in this officer position I helped develop strategies for marketing the firm’s products and core talents. Develop and impart the firm’s vision to its employees and associates. Implementation of business plans. Routine interface with senior management of client companies. Monitoring and management of the firm’s finances including cash flows, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ledgers, investments, transfers, payrolls and forecasting. Work with the firm’s

management team to evaluate and negotiate Proposals, Alliances and Joint Ventures with other firms. Reporting to President and CEO. In 12/99 the two principals of the firm sold its assets and dissolved the company.

AMERICAN AIRLINES. 11/84 – 12/97:
• Tulsa Maintenance and Engineering Center (TUL). Level 5 Manager. At this main overhaul base we did up to heavy 'C' checks on MD11, MD80, DC-10, A300, 727, and F100 Aircraft. For these same aircraft we also handled drop-in maintenance for out of service planes. We operated under both our FAA FAR 121, and FAR 145 certificates. We overhauled CF6, and JT8 Engines, landing gears, flight controls, accessories, components, and avionics. I also worked at the Alliance Overhaul facility north of Fort Worth Texas also known as AFW. I was responsible for the entire base QA activities. AFW is the Maintenance and Engineering Center for the 767, 757, Rolls Royce RB211, and Tay 650 fleets. At this base we handled maintenance checks up to heavy 'C' checks, drop in maintenance for out of service aircraft, and repair and overhaul of flight controls, the noted engines, components and accessories. The staff that reported to me included both management and TWU union reports- Secretary, Supervisors, Auditors and Inspectors. Also responsible for: Regulatory compliance, handling departmental Human Resource needs such as hiring, promoting, addressing Union concerns, Performance Reviews, implementing Diversity Initiatives, establishing training requirements, enforcing company rules, regulations, and policies, and providing vision for the team. Accountable to provide yearly Budget and Capital planning requirements, and monitoring of the same.

Earlier in my tenure I was also Supervisor of two Avionics Shops responsible for the repair and overhaul of over 300 part numbers. In other positions I was a Certificated CASE Level III Quality Auditor responsible for supplier surveillance, fuel vendors, and AA maintenance station audits and surveillance, and report and data analysis creation. I was designated to approve and sign MRB’s (Maintenance Review Board), was on the RII (Required Inspection Items) roster, and designated to make the final logbook, return to service entries for widebody aircraft completing overhauls.

Notable accomplishments I performed included:
AA’s Certification by the CAAC at both the TUL and AFW Main Maintenance Bases
Following the Airtran accident which resulted in the FAA’s new system of supplier surveillance generally referred to as “Substantial Maintenance”, I worked with the ATA, FAA, and airline to write AA’s procedures for compliance and Op-Spec revision
I lead, facilitated, and hosted the group making a major change in the aircraft maintenance logbook used across the airline in all areas of maintenance and by flight crews. This involved negotiating the wishes of several maintenance departments and locations. I was able to write, and have approved the revision, and lead the coordination of its rollout, and training. I was asked to, and was the speaker in three supporting training videos.
I lead, facilitated, and hosted the group making a major change in the airline’s Airworthiness Release Tag for components. This effort was very similar to the Logbook project in complexity of execution
Following requests from the Purchasing department to revise prohibitions against purchasing parts from foreign airlines, I was able to develop a set of controls and procedures to facilitate this request. Years later I observed that several airlines had copied this very same method.
I continuously worked with industry representatives, and the FAA to assure AA’s policies were on the leading edge regarding addressing SUPs (Suspected Unapproved Parts) issues.
Participated in the successful closure of several Self Disclosures
Authored over 50 revisions to the airline’s General Procedures Manual
Was instrumental in the prototyping and ‘bringing in-house’ of over 50 part numbers for repair and overhaul to the Avionics shops
Pioneered the use of AA on-site inspections at vendors to help accelerate the acceptance of those assemblies ship-side in the maintenance hangars
Twice voted treasurer of the AA Administrative Association
Obtained “Gold” status in the suggestion program, AKA “AAchievers”

• Senior Production Planner (Also known as an “A” Planner) at Air Force Plant number 3 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Planed production sequences for aircraft structures and installations to assure compliance with engineering and customer requirements. Interpreted Blueprints, customer manuals, DoD manuals, and corporate manuals so as to write and implement production sequences. Ordered parts to support future projects. Provided Planning on the Depot Maintenance for the F-4C Phantom, DC-8 Re- Engine, and NKC-135 Electronic Warfare Aircraft modification programs. This facility also operated under a FAA FAR part 145 certificate, and was of course, a Prime OEM Manufacturing facility. I participated in the operations of both

• 10/78-02/79: Sooner Airlines Freight, Tulsa – Aircraft Mechanic on Swearingen Metro Aircraft.

• Currently active in the Air National Guard Milwaukee. Recently awarded the Specialty Code of Superintendent, Aerospace Maintenance. I have also during the course of this career been an F- 4, KC-135R and F- 16 qualified Avionics technician, including Electronic Warfare Systems. Accomplishments include 2 Air Force Commendation Medals, AF Achievement Medal, 9 Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medals, Voted “Maintainer of the Year” by peers, and Electronic Warfare Systems Maintenance Honor Graduate among others.

• Excellent people skills, project management skills, and communication skills. Exceptional Analytical abilities. Change agent. Troubleshooter. Excellent track record of working with unions and the FAA. Strong supporter of diversity in the work place. Quality advocate. Focus on bringing value to stockholders and owners. Public Speaking. Outstanding writing skills. 
Bilingual: English/Spanish